Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Stuntin is a habit. Get Like Me.

So I am totally obsessed with get like me by David Banner. I really really love dirty south hip-hop. And Mr. Q thinks I should be a diiirrrty-south dj in NYC. I have NO dj-ing skills what-so-ever but I have plenty of fresh dj-ing outfits.

Today I am wearing my new Alexander Wang sweater dress, and I love it. And I am completely in love with him. I bought some vintage levi shorts this past weekend inspired by his F/W collection, and I am going to distress my tights with holes and runs just like on his runway and wear them all over manhattan. Anyways you can see the sweater dress in the picture. Although it's a really horrible picture and you don't really get the full greatness effect from it. But oh well.

You know what I've noticed? Most people carry their handbag on the shoulder of the arm they write with. But I don't, I carry it on my left-shoulder. Does that make me goofy-armed? I skateboard goofy-footed too. Weird.

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Anonymous said...

Well...goofy footed means you lead with your left foot but control with your right.

Goofy armed would mean you write with your right, because writing is your control.

So I actually think it's the other way around, but now am starting to confuse myself.

Oh well, cool post honey...I love that David Banner song too...I believe the first time you heard it was down in the dirty dirt with me.