Thursday, May 21, 2009

really iTunes, really??!

Since when did purchasing a single song on iTunes cost $1.29?! I mean, maybe I haven't purchased in a few weeks, maybe a month, but you raised the price by 30 cents?! That's a freakin' 30% increase. I mean, I try to be an honest citizen and pay for my music, I never steal, and I know maybe since we are in tough economic times maybe not many people are buying music right now? I don't know, but I was quite peeved when halfway through downloading my 9 songs this morning I realized that I just paid $1.29 for each of them. GAH! Even if I had noticed the price increase, I still would have bought them, I just don't understand why such a giant increase in the rate. A dollar a song seemed like a nice little deal.

Oh well, good thing I have this wonderful weather to keep my spirits high. And some wonderfully new, expensive songs to keep my ears happy. And a 3 day weekend with Mr. Q, followed by a 3 day work week, followed by another 3 day weekend with Mr. Q spent in my hometown. I am beside myself with excitement. So, in your face, iTunes.

**Update** So Mr. Q told me that iTunes raised the price on all music except the Indie category. What a pile of a crap, it's not as though the price in Indie songs went down, you just get them at the old price of 99 cents.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

it takes me back

You know how sometimes, you taste something or smell something, and that taste/smell takes you back to sometime in your memories that until that moment you had completely forgotten about? Whenever I eat Yoplait mixed berry flavored yogurt, it takes me back to my 2nd grade cafeteria because I used to pack that in my lunch. Recently when I was home, I used some of my Mom's Mary Kay night cream. The smell of that night cream takes me back to childhood. It's the way my Mom always smelled every night as she read to me and then tucked me in. Smelling that cream reminds me of her in her cream colored velour robe and reading this book every single night. My Mom let me bring the cream back to NYC with me so that when I' m feeling homesick or lonely I can always be reminded of that scent. It's weird how the senses function like that, isn't it? Do you ever have those moments?

I was going through some of my old pictures and came across this. Whoever this is, looks so fresh and chic. I love the simplicity of the outfit. My favorite part is her clutch. I love finding vintage leather report cases or briefcases and using them as clutches. The worn in color of the leather is the perfect compliment to her look.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Mother's Day Mom!!

Dear Mom-

Happy Mother's Day! I wish more than anything that I was there to spend it with you. We could get dolled up and go to church with Papa Clyde. Then stuff ourselves full of queso and veggie fundido at El Vallarta. Then roll ourselves home and watch marathons of Snapped or some other ridiculous show while we ohh and ahh over my baby pictures and everything that Maggie does. I would make you cupcakes that are just as good as those that I made for Easter. Mostly, I just wish I could spend the day with you. Doing whatever you wanted. You're the bestest Mom ever!

I love you.

Lea Anne

Thursday, May 7, 2009

What was your favorite?

Look from the Met Costume Institute Gala? Mine was definitely Ashley Olsen in The Row. She looked stunning, and her dress was beyond words amazing. How fabulous must it feel to wear something that you designed yourself? I am also really diggin' her new hair, so chic!

I also really loved MK's look from a luncheon she attended. I'm swooning over her hot pink mini and leather jacket look.

So I was super stoked when I picked up the June issue of Marie Claire and saw this spread:

Detailing a HOT PINK MINI SKIRT from H&M! Yay for the look for less. I scooped up this mini last night after work and cannot wait to wear it. Hopefully on a hot date with Mr. Q this weekend, maybe dinner and a movie? Maybe thai food and The Wackness? *hint hint*

All MKA images from this post from

Friday, May 1, 2009

blast from the past: silly putty

While cleaning out my desk the other day, I came across this little gift package from FedEx that included this purple silly putty which promptly took over my life this week. I cannot keep my hands off this stuff! It's quite addicting. I used to get silly putty eggs in my Easter basket when I was a kid, but I don't remember it ever being this fun. The top picture looks like the Magic Schoolbus right?! You know, that cartoon that used to come on PBS in the afternoons! And the bottom showcases my pretzel making skills, which have gotten better with each day! Do you think Auntie Anne's would hire me?

Thursday, April 30, 2009

highlight of my week

Yesterday when I was walking home from work on 6th Avenue, I spotted none other than La Lanphear! Yes, Kate Lanphear! I couldn't believe my eyes, and for those of you who don't know, whenever I see anyone famous, even if they are a total z-lister, I get really starstruck!! It's weird. Like they're aliens from some other planet. I don't know why I get like this, but it NEVER fails. Anyways, she looked totally chic as ever, and I didn't get a big look at her face as her hair was blocking it while she was looking at her blackberry. But nonetheless, I SAW KATE LANPHEAR!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

street style

apparently i have street style. check it out here. that's what the impromptu photoshoot was for.

Friday, April 24, 2009

happy friday blog world

If you know me, then you know that new shoes make me very happy! And these blue beauties are to me at least! I scooped them up while thrifting when I was home for $3. They have a strap that comes around the ankle and a little kitten heel, and I was so happy to have found them. I am so thankful today is Friday and that spring weather is finally here! I can't wait to bask in the sunlight all weekend long with Mr. Q by my side!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

impromptu photoshoot

So yesterday, one of my co-workers snapped some pictures of my outfit for his blog. I decided to put them up on here as well. I was having quite the terrible hair day since it was very humid in New York yesterday but oh well! While we were taking the shots, some huge fan came on blowing out disgusting wet air but we decided to use it as a prop for the windblown look. I quite like the way that turned out. I am wearing Steven by Steve Madden boots, Rich & Skinny jeans, thifted blouse and leather jacket. I found that blouse for $2 (!!) when I was home last week. I really love the shape of it, it's shorter in back also. I also scored that purple bag in Danville. I was so shocked to find it, at a home & garden store nonetheless. Random find, but I am really in love with it right now!

Monday, April 20, 2009

easter surprise.

While I was home, I discovered a baby bird's nest in my Mom's flowers on Easter morning. I took pictures of the birds as 4 eggs and then everyday once they hatched. It's crazy to see how much they grew in only 4 days! The last picture is a little gross, but I'm posting it anyway. I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter/Spring Break! I had the most wonderful time at home, and of course found some amazing vintage finds which I will post throughout the week!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

happy easter ya'll

Lately, I've been seeing a lot about Isaac Mizrahi taking over for Liz Claiborne and the freshness that he is bringing to the brand. When I think of Liz Claiborne, I think of my Mom and clothes designed to make her feel pretty! Never would I dream of buying something with the words Liz Claiborne inside at my age....but lately I've been seeing the Mizrahi designed clothing in ads of fashion magazines that I read. And everytime I see them, I always think to myself: "That's actually not so bad". Last night I was at the mall with my Mom helping her pick out some clothes....when I spotted this lovely floral fabric with huge pink flowers. And I just loooove pink! I went over to it, and surprise! It was a Liz Claiborne skirt! I was shocked and delighted. I completely adore the fabric, shape, and design of this skirt. After looking around at all of the new Liz Claiborne clothing, I must admit that Mizrahi is really doing wonders for this brand! I am very impressed with what he's turned out thus far and can't wait to see what else he has up his sleeve. I am so excited to wear the skirt for Easter, and I got these lovely white patent glitter Marc Jacobs pumps to wear with it. Below is a close up of the shoes, they're so fun! And a picture of me in the skirt, please excuse the Run DMC shirt--I had just gotten back from the gym when I decided to have a photo shoot.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

pretty in green.

So I have posted about this vegan shoe brand, Olsen Haus, before but I am totally in love with their spring 09 collection---some highlights below! My favorites are the low wedge with the electric pink heel! I have not gotten a chance to see the collection in person. Hopefully this week I can get a peek at some of these beauties.

Monday, April 6, 2009

illy competes with starbucks double shot?

So today after lunch, I went across the street to the deli to grab a Starbucks Double Shot. I was shocked to find it's place on the shelf replaced with this Illy Issimo cappuccino drink! I had NO idea Illy was competing with Starbucks on this level. I have never seen canned Illy beverages before, is it new? I drink a lot of canned Starbucks products so if it's not new I assume I would have seen it before. The packaging is a little more enticing to me than that of Double Shot. I'm not sure how the two compare in price because I have a nasty little habit of not looking at the price. I'm sure being that Illy is Italian that it is probably a little higher in cost. But almost exactly the same on the taste scale. But I was SHOCKED to see that their canned cappuccino beverage is actually made by the Coca Cola Co. Which anyone who knows me knows that I just think the world of anything Coca Cola touches. Anyone know who manufactures Starbucks Double Shot? I can't seem to find it on the net. If it's Pepsi, then I'm officially an Illy Issimo customer.

Friday, April 3, 2009

So thankful that....

This work week is coming to a close. It has been so long for some reason, and today it's rainy and dreary in NYC and I just want to be at home in bed watching Grey Gardens. I am so excited to finally own the documentary DVD set! It amazes me how much Big Edie reminds me of my Nana, I can't wait to watch it with my Mom so I can point out the similarities! As if they would need pointing out!

Anyways, it's my best friend's birthday weekend (happy birthday V!!)!! And we have so many fun events prepared for the weekend that I have barely been able to contain myself this week! And to top it off, Mr. Q is coming to join in, and I have the cutest mini dress (thanks to CK!!) that I'm wearing to the festivities! I promise to, for once, take some pictures this weekend.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Spring Wishlist

Here are some items that I am really loving this spring.

This Pencey dress is typically not my style. But I love the white for summer, and the fabric used in the panels is just SO lovely in person. It's bright pinks and purples, which were my two most favorite colors as a kid. For some reason, that fabric just invokes childhood memories, and I love it!

I am dying for this Michael Kors watch in white rubber! I have the gold one, and after a year am still madly in love with it! The white would be the perfect touch to any spring outfit.

These Joie wedges are TDF! They sort of remind me of some Givenchy's that I cannot afford! I love the zig-zag details on the straps and the fact that they zip up in the back. They'd be perfect for work this spring.

Since jumpsuits are all the rage, I have been on the lookout for the perfect one, and I this Ali Ro one might just be it! I adore the silhouette and the mosaic print is fabulous! It will perfect for the sweltering hot summer days in NYC.

Monday, March 30, 2009

I have been quite the crappy blogger as of late.

I apologize, but March has been quite the hectic month. With some unexpected traveling and a lot going on with work and whatnot. But the craziness is slowly dying down so I promise to be a better blogger. And in one week, I'm going home for a long vacation, which will allow for PLENTY of blogging. I'm so excited to be spending Easter at home with my Mom this year, as it's the first year in a really long time that I will get to spend Easter with her! This weekend, my friend and I went on a vintage shopping binge. She found an amazing bag for $20 and I found nothing! But I did score this lovely ring at the young designer market, and some really amazing earrings! I adore this ring, and it was super cheap!

The weather was SO lovely in NYC this past Saturday. I have had Spring Fever for quite some time now, so I was so glad to be able to spend the day outside in warm weather. We dined at this cute restaurant. Which only has about 6 tables and is super tiny, but amazingly yummy food, and amazingly beautiful customers. And then we picked up art supplies to make art for our apartments. I think I am going to paint some canvases for my Mother for Easter. She just redid the upstairs of our home, and I think some cute artwork is needed for the bare walls now! Hopefully it turns out as good as I have it pictured in my head, which it never does. But whatevs! The good thing about Moms is they love anything their child produces. I'm going to work on them this weekend, so if they turn out semi-decent I will post pictures.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Once upon a time....

Mr. Q had a blog! I know, who wudda thunk? Anyways, I was looking through his old posts today and came across the below. It always made me laugh. So since his blog is no longer in commission, I'm stealing his post and putting it on here!

Impractical item of the day

December 19, 2007

The Chanel Fashion Bike. I don't know about you, but when I'm all chillin' in my emo gear riding around town I want people to know that I'm flossin', and that my relationship with my family is deteriorating. Priced to roll out of a Chanel boutique for around $12,000. Who needs a SmartCar? For the same price you can save the environment, and get a good workout.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Style Crush: Taz Arnold

I have developed quite the style crush on Taz Arnold. I was introduced to him a few months back by a friend who played his "Imma Vota Obama Way" song for me, and I was instantly drawn to his style in the video. It's beyond words, just quite amazing. The leopard leggings, cowboy boots, vintage Gucci belts, all mixed with pops of neon and those HOOD LOVE rings--swoon! Not to mention, I think he's quite easy on the eyes. He's always pictured as part of Kanye's entourage, but personally I think his style is eons ahead of Kanye. While, I think Kanye has great style, I think his ego gets in the way of that.

I am quite obsessed over those hood love rings. I am hoping to score a pair for my birthday, even though that is months away! But I think they're just the sickest thing I've seen all year.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

more do it myself projects.

The above photo of Lindsay Lohan was in Harper's Bazaar a few months back....I think it was November. I instantly fell in love with the shoot. She was styled so wonderfully throughout it all. But more importantly, I fell in love with those jeans. The credits said they were DKNY and available at Macy's! I immediately went to Macy's the very next day, but of course the jeans were not there! Too early in the season. I have been checking back, and this past weekend they were finally in stock! However, I was beyond disappointed when I saw them in person. They looked nothing like the jeans in that picture. Nothing like them. They were the ugliest things I have ever seen. The denim was obviously of a much lower quality than pictured, and it was super stretchy. And the wash and paint/rip detailing was not even half as nice as the picture. I tried to find a picutre of them online but I can't seem to locate one.

I honestly couldn't believe my eyes. Mr. Q could see I was visibly disappointed in the much-awaited for jeans. He suggested buying a pair of Levi 501's and doing the jeans myself! What a brilliant idea, Mr. Q! We found a lovely pair of boyfriend jeans in the perfect wash with perfect rips; I cannot wait to get some paint and create my own jeans! I think they will look fabulous come this spring. I am probably waiting until I go to DC to take on this project, as it's a little too messy for my tiny apartment. But once I have pictures I will be sure to post them!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

more tom binns.

After posting those pictures last week of the tom binns watches, I was inspired to create my own this weekend. Above is the result. I have had that old roxy watch sitting in my jewelry box for years. My Mom gave it to me as a birthday present when I was in 8th grade, so I am too sentimental to part with it. Which is why I'm glad I reinvented it and can once again get some use out of it. I was also shocked to know that you have to be 21 years old to buy spray paint in New York. Maybe it's like that everywhere, I just never paid attention.

Mr. Q is coming tonight for a long weekend! I cannot wait. I am hoping that this weekend we can venture into Brooklyn to check out some independent jewelry designers. A co-worker of mine finds the most amazing things at little jewelry boutiques in Brooklyn, and I can't wait to see all the treasures!

Friday, February 13, 2009

doing tom binns yourself.

Hands down, Tom Binns is my most favorite jewelry designer. His designs are so amazing and always unexpected. I am consistently mesmerized by what he does! But alas, it is definitely not within my usual price range. I completely fell in love with his classic necklaces with neon touches last summer when I saw a window display filled with them at Henri Bendel. It was breathtaking, I wish I had taken a picture of it. I quickly went out and bought a bunch of necklaces and neon paint and made neon jewelry for myself. I was once again mesmerized when I got the last issue of Vogue in the mail about a month ago. There was this lovely, classic, chunky necklace with neon green safetly pins through it. I quickly remembered all the safety pins I save each week from my laundry. I never use them, yet I feel wasteful throwing them away. Good thing, because I immediately dug out my neon paints and painted them all! Below are pictures of last summers neon necklaces and the safety pin pearl necklace I recently made. I think I am going to try and find some other faux diamond necklaces to weave in with it as well, it needs something else. A lot of something else. But it's a start.

While I was googling images for this post, I came across the two below. Defintely more DIY Tom Binns inspiration. I love those watches so much! He is just genius.
There are some really amazing pieces in the archive section on his website.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

sorry for the lack of blogging.

There really is no excuse, except i've been lazy and busy with work and traveling on weekends. Mr. Q and I celebrated Valentine's this past weekend in DC. We didn't really do much of anything besides going to the gym and lounging around and shopping a tad. But we made delicious black bean tacos for our Valentine's dinner and red velvet cupcakes for dessert. And then watched the previous Monday's episode of The Bachelor that he had DVR'ed since we both missed it! It was the perfect Valentine's night! Anyways, enough of that moosiness. I promise to take pictures of the DIY Tom Binns necklace this week and post. I have it basically all made; I have just been unmotivated to put it together.

On a fasion related note, I am completely in love with the Marni shoes for S/S 09! I have always loved loved loved Marni's shoe collection. But I was so disaapointed with their F/W 08 shoes. After seeing their S/S collection, I was so happy that they were back on track with designing amazing shoes! Below is a collage of my favorites. I am completely smitten with the lavender suede heel.

all images are from

Friday, January 30, 2009

the hammer's just so hype. i'm dope on the floor and i'm magic on the mic.

So I have been lusting over harem pants for quite some time now, but have been too lazy to actually go out and search for them. When I was thrifting at home, harem/hammer/baggy pants were on my list of must-finds. After scouring the racks, I found a few possibilities and tried them on while Mr. Q stood outside of the dressing room spitting rhymes from U Can't Touch This. But alas, none of them turned out the way I wanted. So, I was super duper stoked when my equally fabulous friend in DC told me that Zara had them on sale for super cheap! Yesterday after work, I hammer danced my way down 5th Ave in search of the perfect harem pants. And Zara did not disappoint. I scooped up two pair for really good prices. One pair was missing a button, and after digging through the Zara button box for some time, I finally found one that was similar to the missing one, which I sewed on in the wrong place with the wrong color thread. I suck at stuff like that, but it's nothing my Mom can't fix when I go home.

I am completely in love with them. I played around with a few looks last night--pictured above. They really remind me of being a kid. I was so obsessed with MC Hammer and would make my Mom make me Hammer pants in girly fabrics so I could dance around with my boom box. I wish I had saved all those pants.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

all the best things come from Italy.

I'm convinced that's true. There truly is no place in the world like Italy, and in addition to having some of the best food, architecture, and art, and I also think that lovely lady a few posts down looking all kinds of sexy, chic, hot in her leather pants! --Italy has also given birth to some fabulous fashion designers and labels. Earlier this week one of my co-workers was wearing the most amazing pair of shoes. They looked like punk-rock converse to the extreme! I adored them, and she said they were made by an Italian label called Ash. Upon checking out their website I quickly fell in love with their shoes. Unfortunately, I didn't take a picture of her shoes and couldn't find them online. But these boots below are sort of similar to her shoes! I love the sporty look of wedge sole--which is something I don't usually go for. Their S/S 09 collection is wonderfully amazing! You can check it out here. Well, some more googling helped me find a picture (bottom one) of a pair closer to the ones I fell in love with. Not exactly the same, hers had less buckles, more studs. But you get the picture.

I'm also working on a DIY necklace inspired by Tom Binns. Hopefully I can finish it this weekend and post pics soon!

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Happy Birthday.
thank you for everything.
thank you for being so strong and independent, yet patient, caring, and loving.
thank you for striving to make me strong and independent.
but thank you for being there for me when I'm not.
thank you for always being proud of everything I do.
thank you for pushing me to be the best I can be.
thank you for letting me have the opportunity to travel the world.
thank you for letting me have the opportunities to make my dreams come true.
thank you for helping me be able to move to new york city.
thank you for allowing to get a college education.
thank you for attending every sporting game, event, dance recital, etc. I was ever in.
thank you for being my biggest fan.
thank you for keeping your wedding dress for me.
thank you for scratching my back and singing to me every night as a child.
thank you for reading the same books to me over and over and over.
thank you for encouraging me to always be me.
thank you for always supporting my ideas, beliefs, and opinions.
thank you for making me that Miss Piggy costume, it was my most favorite ever.
thank you for dressing up as Kermit.
thank you for always inspiring me.
thank you for being my best friend.
thank you for all the advice you've ever given me.
you're the greatest Mom in the entire world.
and I am so thankful that you're mine.
words cannot even begin to describe how thankful I am for you.
I love you so very very much.
happy birthday.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Case of the Blahs!

I am REALLLLY lusting of these two pairs of Stella McCartney shoes! I LOOOOOOVE those neon pink pumps! Everytime I see them in Intermix, I just drool, and rub them. They are so pretty. However, they are made from neoprene which basically means dirt will cling to them like magnets. Which also means they are definitely NOT made for wear in the big city, but, hey, a girl can dream!

So I have totally been in a funk all day long! Sometimes I let myself get super stressed out over things at work when there is NO need to get so worked up. Anyways, it makes for a really crappy day when I am so anxious and I hate it when I let myself get like that! My co-worker suprised me this afternoon with the treat below! It was so sweet and thoughtful and brought me out of my funky mood. He even got my favorite EVER Pinkberry topping--fruity pebbles. =) Just completely made my day. I am so lucky to work with the wonderful bunch of people that I work with, I don't say it enough! Also, tomorrow is a VERY special day--my lovely Mother's 60th Birthday! I am planning on a special post so please check back tomorrow!

Friday, January 16, 2009

What I Wore Yesterday

H&M Blazer, American Apparel tee, Lofli jeans, Calvin Klein booties. I am really in love with these booties-I have worn them almost everyday since I got them for Christmas. They are so easy to wear and go with any outfit.