Thursday, January 31, 2008

Gas tank on E but all drinks on me

It takes talent to walk out of the cheapest bar in Manhattan with a $100 bar tab, but yours truly and her super fabulous roomie are quite the gifted pair. M and I decided to holler at a new bar on Saturday night, so we found ourselves walking down Rivington in search of the “perfect bar”, and jackpot! We found it. Inside was quite possibly the best music I have heard thus far in a bar in Manhattan, everything from the Doors to Judas Priest to Tupac, and a dirty-artsy crowd that we were diggin’. We order our first round of drinks and were pleasantly surprised at how cheap they were-$5 a pop! Score, a cheap night out! After round two, the bartenders put four shots onto the bar and ask M and I if we want to take a shot, fuck yes we do! Score again! After going from A to B to a few more rounds, another shot with the bartenders, meeting Charles Manson, bathroom debacles, to Z! We decided to call it a night….and get what we thought would be our $30 tab, which turns out to be nearly one hundred bones because apparently we bought shots for ourselves and the bartenders. Now that my friends is ENTRAPMENT if I have ever seen it, you can’t pour shots and hand them out and then charge people for them?! Un-be-lievable. The bar is named after a saint and as M so greatly put it “that’s why this guy is the patron saint of getting bitches crunk and stealing their money.”

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I hit the club stuntin

So basically seeing as how everyone except me has a blog these days I have decided to finally enter the blogosphere. This thing is mostly going to be about what interests me the most: hip hop and fashion, and I guess what other ramblings I decide to do.

This weekend my roommate and I took our usual trip to Union Square to get some cookies (what else?!). while in US, we went into virgin megastore where she decided she wanted a notorious big cd, being that all of our focus was on cookies at that moment she just grabbed one that had the songs she wanted and we bounced! When we got home, M was so pumped to put the tunes onto her ipod, but to her utter HORROR it was a remix cd of biggie. and it was beyond horrible, i couldn't even listen to more than 30 seconds of the absurdity that someone could just destroy such good music. And that the fact that someone actually decided to put this garbage on an album. I would say you should listen to it as a joke, but it's really not funny. However you should check out vampire weekend----although they're not hip hop they are pretty good I must say.

I'm going to leave you guys with a little gem I found in the office today, for those of you who don't know I work for a shoe company, when I saw this piece of perfection all that I could think was "I HIT THE CLUB STUNTIN". A few seasons old but fresh nonetheless.