Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Mother's Day Mom!!

Dear Mom-

Happy Mother's Day! I wish more than anything that I was there to spend it with you. We could get dolled up and go to church with Papa Clyde. Then stuff ourselves full of queso and veggie fundido at El Vallarta. Then roll ourselves home and watch marathons of Snapped or some other ridiculous show while we ohh and ahh over my baby pictures and everything that Maggie does. I would make you cupcakes that are just as good as those that I made for Easter. Mostly, I just wish I could spend the day with you. Doing whatever you wanted. You're the bestest Mom ever!

I love you.

Lea Anne


Crystal said...

you always manage to make me teary-eyed! so sweet :)

I LOVE your outfit, btw. And your mom has some serious style, too.

Marian said...

how touching honey! what a gorgeous photo of you two!
muah x

Anonymous said...

Honey, how did I raise such a sweet,loving daughter. Whatever I did, raise yours the same.

Love you so much

Marian said...

wishing you a gorge wknd ahead dear.
muah x