Friday, August 1, 2008

pirate skulls and bones. sticks and stones and weed and bombs.

Okay, so sorry for the lack of posts. I would like to say I have been extremely busy, but I've just been extremely lazy. So here are my thoughts, observings, and obsessions for August.

-I think Anna Wintour is finally falling off her throne. As of late, Vogue has really lost it's luster. I am more excited about receiving Harper's Bazaar or Elle in the mail now than Vogue. This is what happens when people get too big for their britches.
-bell bottoms. specifically J Brand Lovestory. Makes me feel like Kate Moss. plus about 100 lbs. =)
-this years fashion rocks supplement for fall. first time ever that i am actually impressed by it. the kills article was money.
-nicolas ghesquiere has stollen my heart for the thousandth time. how does he do it?
-beverly hill 90210. i never watched this show growing up because i was too busy watching clarissa explains it all. but i have recently been turned on it and my do i love it. melrose place is still my favorite but this is becoming a close second.
-pam anderson for speaking her mind. ever since jessica simpson wore the "real girls eat meat" tee as a stab at Romo's ex, what respect i had for her went out the window. so i give props to anderson for calling her out on it.
-my mother's wedding gown. i recently re-discovered via old pictures how absolutely beautiful her dress was and how beautiful she was in it.
-the biography i am reading about the Gucci family. it's neat to see how such an amazing name started and all the troubles and back-stabbing this family went through along the way. i never knew the company had the insane background that it does. ive had this book for four years and its been sitting on my shelf unread since i bought it. after reading it, i am SO shocked that ive had such a gem sitting around for so long untouched.

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