Friday, August 8, 2008

you see this ice on my wrist how it glisten as soon as the light hit. you can't lie, the ice sick.

Usually I don't read Vanity Fair magazine. But seeing as how this month was the style issue I obviously scooped it up. And I must admit I was quite impressed with the people they chose. It wasn't your usual best dressed list that People puts out. But it was actually a survey of the chicest people from around the world-not just the hot celebrities of the moment.

VF gets major points for the following people:
-Lapo Elkann- I have thought he was the best dressed guy for about 4 years now. It's nice to see someone else recognize how amazing his style is.
-Kate Middleton- she is the definition of chic.
-Michelle Obama- I give props to any woman who dresses their age and always looks gorgeous.
-Morley Safer- I've always thought he was so handsome for his age.
-Ivanka Trump- I gained a great respect for her after reading the article about her in last month's Town & Country. She always looks and acts with complete class.

The only two things I would have changed about their list are that I would have put Andre 3000 instead of Kanye West. I think Kanye has great style but I don't like his ego. Plus Andre 3000 has better style and I think his new line, Benjamin Bixby, is money-unlike any other men's line out there. And I would have replaced SJP with Ashley Olsen. But I guess I'm biased. Either way, VF really did a fabulous job of finding people around the globe who actually have great style and aren't just the it-people of the moment.

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joeydq53 said...

For hip-hop style I'd like to nominate Lupe Fiasco. Skateboarding is in, plus he's like Pharrell but not quite as metro.