Monday, November 3, 2008

This is real and not for play. Imma vote Obama way.

I always have so many things that I want to blog about but never actually get around to posting so I am going to make an effort to get better at that. Of note in the past week was meeting the Olsens. I was lucky enough to go to their book signing in Union Square. I had been waiting for a while for Influence to come out on Oct. 28. But when I was flying back to NY from Raleigh, I found it at Border's in the airport 10 days early! I was so excited to get the book early and devour all the interviews in it! It's no secret that I am a huge Olsen fan but often times I don't really say why. I think they are some of the most fashionable people in Hollywood and that they each have a distinctive and creative sense of personal style. I feel they have been accepted into the fashion world as independently stylish young women and not just cutesy teeny bopper twins that some people still view them as. Their clothing lines are both genius in their own respects, and you can see their style reflected in each piece. Their book is basically compiled of pictures and interviews with people that have inspired them along the way. I was pleasantly surprised by the people that they chose and why. I think it's always important to give props to those people that inspire you in any way. And I need to get better at that as well because I am constantly influenced by so many different people from so many different walks of life. Here is a picture that I took at the signing, we weren't supposed to take
pictures so it's not the best but anyways....

Also of note is this fresh to deaf necklace I got at the young designer market this weekend. It's by a sister design team and you can check their stuff out at! I am so in love with their stuff!

And I got to spend my weekend with this hunk! =)

One more thing....I really hope that Obama does work tomorrow at the polls! And no matter who you guys are voting for make sure to get out there and VOTE!!

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Anonymous said...

Looks like a whole lot of gray t-shirt going on in that pic. Did we coordinate gear that day or something?