Thursday, November 20, 2008

What I Am Currently Lusting Over

These are three things that I am totally in love with right now! I am trying hard to find the perfect pair of harem pants. They just look fabulous on everyone. Reminds me of wearing MC Hammer pants as a child...haha. Last weekend, Mr. Q went to the eye glasses store to pick out some new frames. While there, I couldn't help but try on some for myself. I completely fell in love with the tortoise shell round glasses! I am definitely going to get them as my eyeglasses for 2009. And while, I have almost seen enough of the YSL tribute platform, I was pleasantly surprise to see this neon yellow pair captured by the Sartorialist! They are simply divine in neon yellow. Maybe it's because I have been on a neon yellow kick for sometime now, but I think they would punch up almost any outfit.

I am going vintage shopping on Saturday, and I am so excited for this piece that I found on the mannequin at one of my favorite stores. They won't let you buy off the mannequins, but the top is hitting the sales floor on Sat. morning and I can't wait to try it on! I hope it's as fabulous as I am hoping it will be! Hopefully I will find some great vintage to post about though!


Mr. Q said...

It's funny that hammer pants have made their way back into fashion. Who would've thunk it?

Susanna-Cole said...

The pants are cool, though I think they would somehow bother me, should I try and wear them, but I quite like the way they look, and I love those glasses and the shoes! :)


ckayindc said...

omg, I used to be so obsessed w/MC Hammer pants back in the 3rd grade. I begged my mom to make me a pair. They were a small floral print, and I think I wore them every day!

Valley said...

I judge you for liking those pants