Wednesday, November 26, 2008

you can find me by the speaker bouncing in my skull.

So my vintage shopping this weekend was not as great as I anticipated but I did walk away with something. The top that I was so excited for was WAY too small for me, and I was pretty bummed about that. But I was able to snap a picture of the top and my Mom said she would help me construct one of my own over Christmas break!

Above is what I purchased. I think it's sort of like a briefcase but I got it with the intention of using it as an oversize clutch. But it's so large, so I decided the best way to use it was to fold it in half. I am thinking about splatter painting it in neon colors? But I can't decide. What do you think I should do? Splatter paint or leave as is?

Above is the outfit I wore to work yesterday. Splendid dress worn as skirt, junk food tee, h&m blazer, fuzzy tights, booties, and the most fabulous necklace ever designed by my lovely roommate. Below is an upclose of the necklace. I am so IN LOVE with it! She actually made it sometime last winter, and I am always asking to borrow it. I think it's just fabulous!


Susanna-Cole said...

I love your t-shirt, it's so cool! :) And thanks for your comment, I'm so glad I could give you some ideas for Christmas gifts! <3



cool t-shirt hun,love that clutch you found dear,i think its too yummy to change.I like it as it is dear!unfortunate about the vintage top that didnt fit.nothing worse than falling for something too small.have a good wknd hun

tebbx said...

(this is teddy, cousin of val) i know the retro looking craftsman-like leather bags are very overdone by now but i like that bag as is, even at the risk of not being as unique as it could be. you can always splatter paint it later!!

tebbx said...

oh i should mention i don't think yours is in the overdone style, that sounded mean. i am thinking along the lines of the leather messenger bags i've been seeing on the L train :p the clutch look you are sporting it with is definitely your own!!