Wednesday, January 7, 2009

the bleached jeans

So here's the result of the DIY jean bleaching project. I'm wearing them today, and so far they've been a big hit at the office! To create, all I did was take straight Clorox and splatter it on the jeans in my desired pattern--the color came out in about 30 seconds. Then I promptly put them in the washing machine and ta-da! Today, I am wearing them with the amazing thrifted jacket I spoke about yesterday! I got this jacket for $3.50 and I just adore the detailing on it! Below is a close up pic of the jacket. And another picture of the bleached jeans with a different jacket that has more dramatic shoulders--and I look completely terrified in the picture. All of my facial expressions in these pictures are a little goofy--it was early.


The Fashion Pinko said...

The details on the collar and cuffs of that jacket are so great. I don't understand how everyone finds these amazing things at thrift stores, maybe I should take lessons or something.


that jacket is great honey! great find and for $3.50,fab!
love the diy job,the jeans look rad.
love yoru resolution about spreading more kindness,the world defo needs more kindness :o)
muah x

In-tree-gue said...

The pants came out amazing!And the jacket makes me want to go thrifting (even more so)