Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Case of the Blahs!

I am REALLLLY lusting of these two pairs of Stella McCartney shoes! I LOOOOOOVE those neon pink pumps! Everytime I see them in Intermix, I just drool, and rub them. They are so pretty. However, they are made from neoprene which basically means dirt will cling to them like magnets. Which also means they are definitely NOT made for wear in the big city, but, hey, a girl can dream!

So I have totally been in a funk all day long! Sometimes I let myself get super stressed out over things at work when there is NO need to get so worked up. Anyways, it makes for a really crappy day when I am so anxious and I hate it when I let myself get like that! My co-worker suprised me this afternoon with the treat below! It was so sweet and thoughtful and brought me out of my funky mood. He even got my favorite EVER Pinkberry topping--fruity pebbles. =) Just completely made my day. I am so lucky to work with the wonderful bunch of people that I work with, I don't say it enough! Also, tomorrow is a VERY special day--my lovely Mother's 60th Birthday! I am planning on a special post so please check back tomorrow!


Dooder City said...

I love neon pumps!

MacSterS said...

I can't wait to see the post- how exciting about your mom; your mom is the best! I love neon and can close my eyes and envision myself in neon but everyday it's black and white- I might as well be an advertisement for White House Black Market store, LOL.