Wednesday, February 11, 2009

sorry for the lack of blogging.

There really is no excuse, except i've been lazy and busy with work and traveling on weekends. Mr. Q and I celebrated Valentine's this past weekend in DC. We didn't really do much of anything besides going to the gym and lounging around and shopping a tad. But we made delicious black bean tacos for our Valentine's dinner and red velvet cupcakes for dessert. And then watched the previous Monday's episode of The Bachelor that he had DVR'ed since we both missed it! It was the perfect Valentine's night! Anyways, enough of that moosiness. I promise to take pictures of the DIY Tom Binns necklace this week and post. I have it basically all made; I have just been unmotivated to put it together.

On a fasion related note, I am completely in love with the Marni shoes for S/S 09! I have always loved loved loved Marni's shoe collection. But I was so disaapointed with their F/W 08 shoes. After seeing their S/S collection, I was so happy that they were back on track with designing amazing shoes! Below is a collage of my favorites. I am completely smitten with the lavender suede heel.

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MacSterS said... velvet cupcakes

Marian said...

cant wait to see your diy tom binns piece honey,sounds gorge dear!also your time spent just watching tv sounds lovely honey.
the marni shoes are fierce! im with you on those lavender ones!
muah x

Valley said...

as in red velvet cupcakes from Target? I feel betrayed. Sort of.