Monday, March 17, 2008

Does being a Mom come with a superhero gene?

I sure hope so! Because if not, I am doomed. This weekend I bought a carton of squash soup to bring to work for lunch this week. Since I didn't want to lug the whole carton here I decided I would pack my portion for today in a thermos. This is first time in my life I have ever put a hot liquid into a thermos, and it's harder than you think. And it made me think of all those times when I was little how my Mom would pack me chicken noodle soup in my Sesame Street thermos for lunch. It was hard enough for me to pour the creamy thick squash soup into the thermos, and I can't imagine pouring chicken noodle soup and every time a noodle flops in the broth would splash out the side. Unless you're using a funnel, which I never recall my Mom using. How did she do it everyday? And wouldn't that get annoying? Yet she never told me I couldn't pack it. She packed my lunch everyday in my Sesame Street lunch box which she puffy painted with my name and whatever little hearts, stars, and rainbows that I wanted on there. She would make me cute little jumpers and paint bunnies and giraffes and miss piggy's on my bows, and I loved those little things. But I don't think I could ever do that, I can barely draw a stick figure, how would I ever paint a little bunny in a field of flowers on a dress and have it look cute?

And how can Mom's always make little girl's hair look so pretty? I was a picky kid and could never have any lumps in my hair, and my Mom would redo it until I deemed it suitable for school. I never realized until I've tried to do my neices hair how HARD it is to make a little girl's hair look cute! It's impossible to not have lumps. And she would always make me cute bouncy pigtails and french braids! And I can't french braid and I can't make even pigtails. I guess my kids will just always have crappy hairdos. My mom took all that time to make my hair look pretty and comb out all the tangles and put pretty bows in it, and what would I do but go in my room and cut it all off.

I hope being a Mom also comes with a pancake making gene! I would love when my Mom would cook pancakes in the mornings, what a yummy breakfast! But I can't make pancakes without setting the fire alarm off and having the kitchen filled with smoke, and then they're black on the outside and gooey in the middle. How do Mom's know how to make perfect pancakes?

For Halloween when I was little I wanted to be Miss Piggy and my Mom made me the most beautiful Miss Piggy costume ever and a Kermit one for herself. I can barely sew a button on much less make a costume for a kid!

It amazes me how Moms can always put their kids desires first. From wanting the last cookie or the biggest piece of meatloaf, to voting for a candidate they might really disagree with or giving up meat because it means something to their children, it's because they have a superhero gene I'm convinced! I mean how else could they do all that 365 days a year and never complain?! Not once!

To everyone else she might just be a regular person, but to me she's the greatest superhero there is!!

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