Friday, March 28, 2008

i like my clothes crisp and clean, i like my dough krispy kreme

Little things that have made me smile this week:

1. listening to the au revoir simone cd
2. sweet emails from the people i love
3. 1/2 price vegan chocolate chip cookies from birdbath, and i just read in town&country that this is mary louise parker's favorite little shop =)
4. my meditation class and last night's prasad, and what a beautiful karmic being my teacher is. i'm so lucky to get to spend two hours of my week with such lovely beings.
5. coffee and chitty chat with kristina
6. cafe americano's and getting a table everyday at starbucks on my lunch break and being able to read
7. my ballet class begins tonight
8. being able to do things i didn't think i could do
9. finding a discount bookstore, i didn't smile when i saw all the books that i paid full price for at barnes and noble though
10. compliments--being given and received
11. love
12. giggles

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