Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Get money!

So I don't really have much to write about except for the fact that the past few days have been absolutely amazing aside from the fact that I'm still sick. On friday night, Kristina and I had a sleepover and got food from Spice and ate ice cream and gossiped and watched goofy televisions shows. It was so much fun to just relax for a night with good food and good company, I am really going to miss her when she leaves *tear*. On saturday, we went and got cookies and goodies from the farmer's market in the rain. I was so looking forward to getting some dried thistles and edible flowers but because of the icky weather a lot of vendors weren't there. Hopefully I can score some this weekend. We also had brunch at 7A, and it was quite possibly the best brunch I've had thus far in the city--definitely the best spinach and feta omelette thus far! Since Saturday was so gross I didn't feel guilty for spending most of it inside and after the past few weekends of spending my entire days outside, I was happy to rent movies and curl up in bed! I finally rented Capote which I have been wanting to see for a long time and I was very pleased. Sunday, I felt like crap again and went to yoga and then had granola and a smoothie at Liquiteria which was amazing! I also went to Tinsel Trading Co. (the cutest little place ever!!) and got some glass glitter letters to hang on my wall and some peacock feather trim which I made into the cutest headband for my date Monday night with Mr. Guiseppe Quattraleone, the most handsome boy I know. It was a fabulous night with thai food and cupcakes and a trip to Home Depot (score!). The lady at Home Depot said she loved my headband and that made my night! We got cupcakes from CRUMBS bakery, which I have been wanting to try for a long time. But of course as always I pick the one with too many flavors and it always ends up being gross. I can never get chocolate or oreo, no, I have to get chocolate peanut butter with peanuts and cream cheese icing and chocolate chips and wow, it was an overload. You would think by now I would have learned my lesson with things like this, but no, I always always get the overload and am always always disappointed. Speaking of chocolates, yesterday when I was in Duane Reede I was looking at the Easter selection when I saw something fabulous-what the Easter Bunny MUST bring me this year (Mom, I hope you're reading this). Dude da' bunny!* It was a big chocolate bunny dressed in baggy sweats with a candy chain with a D on the end, bling bling! I laughed so hard when I saw Dude da' bunny, seriously, who thinks of these things? Whoever it is, I'm glad they do!!

*I tried to find a picture of Dude da' bunny, but all I could find was Diva da' bunny and Leonarda da' bunny--which is an artist bunny, I am not really sure why he is in "da bunny" collection. I don't get it.

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