Thursday, March 13, 2008

We, the people, in order to form a more perfect Union

I can still recite the entire Preamble to the tune of that old School House Rocks video! And I'm proud of it. So basically a lot has been said about this whole Eliot Spitzer deal and my whole thing is who are we to judge? As my sister would say "who died and made us boss?!". But seriously, I was not put on this earth to judge other people, and until we have walked everyday of our lives in his shoes we have no right to judge what he did or why he did it. Now, I am by no means saying it is okay or right, but I personally believe that one's morals don't necessarily equate to their ability to run a state/nation. I think a person can have not so top-notch morals and still do a darn good job at running things. I mean let's look at JFK and Clinton, both had not so great morals in the monogamy department but were still good at what they were elected to do. And then let's look at George Dubya who has the morals of a saint and then let's look at the state of our in point! Once again, I do no think cheating on your spouse is okay but I don't think it impairs one's ability to perform their job. Even people like Angelina Jolie might not have the greatest morals in some people's opinions, but she does a lot of good for the entire world and for that I have respect. In all honesty, I had never even heard the name Eliot Spitzer until this all came about (sad, I know) so I don't really know whether he's doing any good for this fine state, but I don't think this scandal says anything about his ability to do his job. Gauging by the amount of taxes this state rapes me of every two weeks, as my grandpa would say "I don't think he's doin' me nary bit o' good".

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