Friday, December 5, 2008

back to the future. break the sutures on your septum.

I have been meaning to take oufit pictures this week because I have worn some outfits that I really loved. But work has been so hectic, the only thing I want to do when I get home is throw on some yoga pants! I will hopefully not be lazy this weekend and snap some photos of things!

I found the above picture when I was flipping through my inspiration notebook here at work so I figured I would post it. I forget what magazine that shoot is from but I really loved it all!

Last weekend when I was in DC, Mr Q gave me my Christmas present early! The new purple iPod nano! I was so excited to finally get a new iPod, especially one with a color display. And was completely bummed out when the thing stopped working like 4 days later! AHH! I was so upset, and I went to the Apple store to see what could be done to fix it. Of course nothing is easy in New York City, SO I had to schedule an appointment for 2 days later to have them look at my iPod. But last night, I finally got it replaced and everything is good to go! I love it so much....the two days when it was broken were awful. After having this fabulous new iPod, it was so hard to go back to my old, large, non-color display iPod. I know that sounds greedy and ridiculous, but the new nano was a much needed upgrade for me. Here's a picture of it....with the Kanye album cover just like in the Apple ads! It looks blue in the picture but it's purple.

I have also been meaning to post for some time now about some new magazines I discovered that I am in love with but I keep forgetting. But the main one is Tank Magazine. It's a London based magazine, and it is amazing! There is this random magazine cafe on my street and I love to go in there and scour the magazines because I have quite an addiction to buying them. I was intrigued by the African model on the cover because I think African models are just too gorgeous for words. And of course, the article/shoot with Mary-Kate sealed the deal on me purchasing the magazine. The fashion is amazing, the people they chose to feature are amazing, and the subject matter of the articles is amazing. Lately, I've been convinced that everything is better in the UK. Better fashion, better music, and now better magazines. Mr. Q says its just a "the grass is always greener" thing....but I don't know.



darling glad you got the pod sorted!love that inspiration shot you shared. have a great wknd.


hoipe you had a good wknd dear.
muah xx