Monday, December 8, 2008

When I was diggin through my closet this weekend, I found this leopard pencil skirt. It's Trina Turk, and I got it about 4 years ago but have never found the right time to wear it. I really love it, but for some reason I just find it really hard to wear! I decided it wear it with a black button-up, black belt, and black shoes. Maybe I find it difficult to wear because it's a lot different than my usual style. But I think a pencil skirt is one of the more flattering silhouettes for my figure. The outfit picture would be a lot better if my pink sports bra wasn't sticking out the top, but I had already gotten ready for ballet when I decided to take a picture of this outfit! This shot also does not flatter my shoes at all, it looks like I'm wearing my grandma's orthopedic pumps, but they are cute platform pumps. I guess the lighting just doesn't really show that.

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