Tuesday, December 9, 2008

and we're hittin our records like a tennis player

I got this blood orange coat from J.Crew a few weeks ago (that I inserted on the magazine spread!!). I mainly bought it because I liked the color and it was super cheap, and I was in need of a short winter coat. I laughed when I saw this spread in Lucky magazine about blood orange being "huge" for winter. I really had no idea, and honestly have not seen that much of this color thus far this winter season. I also thought it was weird they used a picture from Ann Demeulemeester Spring 09 on the "huge for winter" spread. I think I posted that same picture on here a few months back regarding Spring collections I was in loving.



love your blood oprange coat honey,yes it on trend colour dear,

ckayindc said...

You totally fooled me...I had to do a double take on that one.

I love lucky, and love the fact that they have a spread on that color, b/c I bought a blood orange cardi from JCrew and was a little unsure about it, or what to wear w/it. I need to pick the magazine up on my lunch break!

Valley said...

When did you start modeling for Jcrew - can we get some discounts?