Thursday, December 11, 2008

monkey see, monkey do.

When I was little, my Mom used to always say "monkey see, monkey do". No doubt because I was probably copying things she was saying and doing. But this phrase is most appropriate for this post. Earlier this week I saw the above pictures on the sartorialist. I loved the way the NYU student used the small plaid button up as outerwear but was even more intrigued by the young man wearing the navy button up as a cardigan over another button up shirt! I quickly emailed the photos to Mr. Q since I thought this look was right up his alley style wise. Then last night I decided I should re-create the look for ME! So inspired by the sartorialist, today I am wearing a plaid button up cardigan style over a white button up. I wanted to wear a silk scarf as a necktie of sorts with the plaid shirt buttoned all the way up....replicating the man in the navy shirt above. But I didn't have time this morning to dig my silk scarves out of the storage bins they are in. So I will save that inspiration for another day! Or maybe this weekend, I will go searching for the perfect vintage necktie to complete the look. Either way, I am really digging this layered button up look.


Valley said...

love the look!

Mr. Q said...

Yeah, I could see myself doing that. Oh, BTW I have a vintage Ralph Lauren repp tie that you could borrow to complete the look.


love the title! and loving the paid shirt sweetie as outerwear,so cool hun.

ckayindc said...

Girl...don't your ankles get cold in the city?!?!?! :-P

I could totally see Joe pulling that look off, and you look too cute! Loves it.

Lea Anne said...

haha, I wear boots to walk to work and put my shoes on once I'm at work!